What is the student accommodation capacity of Studio Santral?

There are 150 rooms in total – single rooms, double rooms and quad rooms – in Studio Santral. 

Could I receive back the down payment when I leave the dormitory for the summer holiday?

The down payment will not be returned if the student will continue accommodating in the dormitory for the subsequent academic year. In case the student leaves the dormitory for good, then the down payment will be fully returned if there is no damage in the room as verified after the room check and, the respective amount will be deducted and the remaining will be returned if there is any damage found in the room.

What if I leave the dormitory before completing the necessary procedures?

Students will be called to warn them to receive their personal belongings. In case the student fails to receive their personal belongings in spite of this warning, then they will be considered as waste and taken out of the dormitory.

What are included in the price?

The room prices of Studio Santral include: breakfast, electricity, water, heating/cooling, fiber optic internet, technical support, use of kitchen, studying halls, room cleaning once every 3 days, bed lining changes once a week, daily garbage collection, 24/7 reception service, mail and 24/7 security.

What are the room types? Can I choose it by myself?

Our rooms designed as single, double and quad rooms are classified into three room types: Standard, Garden and Quad Residence. Please feel free to see the information and photographs of the room types from the website. For more details, please send an e-mail message to info@studiosantral.com. You may choose any room type you may like depending on the availability.

Could I visit and see the dormitory before the booking?

Of course, just send your information to info@studiosantral.com and, we will call you!

What if I do not get along with my roommate subsequently?

Although the fact that the roommates do not get along with each other is a rare situation, if you submit a petition to change the room to the management, you may be transferred to another room depending on the availability.

Could I change my room after the enrollment?

Each request for room change will be assessed individually and depending on the availability. In case you want to change your room, please complete an application petition, then you may be transferred to another room depending on the availability. The price difference that may arise from the room change is calculated in proportion to the accommodation period and, becomes effective from the change date.

I want to stay in the same room for every years, is it possible?

Since the dormitory applications and room bookings are made every year, you should submit a petition to that end if you want to stay in the same room. The dormitory management will assess your petition and, you will be given priority depending on the availability.

Could I have a visitor during the day? Could the visitors spend the night in my room?

For the comfort of all the students, no third persons such as another non-dormitory student, relative, mother or sibling are allowed to accommodate in the dormitory. The daily visit hours are between 08.00 and 23.30. It is strictly forbidden for third persons to enter the dormitory outside these hours. Note: Since this is a girls’ dormitory, no male visitors are allowed.

Are there everything I need in my room?

All you need to bring when you come to Studio Santral is your suitcase. There are beds, writing tables, chairs, wardrobes and safes for your valuable articles. You need to share the sitting area and bathroom with your roommates if it is not a single room. 

What should I put in my suitcase?

You should bring your personal belongings and personal bathroom and bedroom articles such as clothes, hair dryer, towel, bathrobe as well as personal care and cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, shower gel, detergent and toiler paper.

Is there any place in my room where I can keep my articles that I do not use?

Yes there is. There is a suitcase room in the Block B – Floor 2. You may put the article you do not use in a package or a suitcase, complete a form provided by the reception and, keep them in the suitcase room during the period of your accommodation. Our dormitory assumes no responsibility for your articles lost and damaged.  

Who clean the rooms?

The rooms are cleaned by the cleaning personnel once every 3 days and the common areas are cleaned every day according to a schedule. In addition, the bed linings are changed once a week and, the garbage is collected every day.  

Whom should I call in case of a technical problem?

In case of a technical problem, you can call the reception through WhatsApp, Mobile Phone or your room at ext. 901. In addition, you may complete a “Technical Service Form” in your membership section in the website.

I saw that one of the fixed equipment is broken / out of order when I entered the room assigned to me. What should I do?

You should inform the dormitory management of the deficiencies and damages to the fixed equipment in the room within two days of the room delivery date. Otherwise, you may be held responsible for such deficiencies and damages and, required to pay the amount thereof.

I have lost the room card. What should I do?

Each student in our dormitory is provided with a room card. In case you have lost it, you should apply to the reception and, get a new room card paying the price thereof as specified by Studio Santral.

Can I smoke inside the dormitory?

Smoking and use of other tobacco products in the buildings of Studio Santral and in all indoor areas are prohibited by the Law No. 4207. In case of any breach of this law, the sanctions as per the law and those specified in the manual will apply.

Can I drink alcohol inside the dormitory?

Drinking alcohol in anywhere inside the dormitory is forbidden by the respective regulations. In addition, bringing alcohol to the dormitory and, entering the dormitory under the influence of alcohol will be considered a breach of the rule and, the necessary disciplinary procedures will apply.

How can I use the laundry room?

The laundry room is in the Block B – Floor 1. You can use the laundry room with a token you may get from the reception.

What if I left articles in the laundry room?

Since the laundry room is available to all the students in the dormitory 24/7, the responsibility for those left therein will belong to the respective students. The dormitory management is not responsible for lost laundry.

Is there any place where I can cook?

Yes there is. You may the common kitchen areas. The kitchens have been designed for the purpose of cooking simple and practical food. You are advised to carefully read the manual given before using the kitchen and, act in accordance with the hygienic measures considering other students who will use it after you.

Is there Breakfast and Dinner Service?

Breakfast is given in our dormitory between 07:00 and 10:00. There is no dinner service.

What if I left the dishes in the common kitchens?

The responsibility of the articles left in the common kitchens belongs to the respective students and, such kitchen utensils not received back within one day will be disposed.

Is there an infirmary in the dormitory?

Yes there is an infirmary in the dormitory, where our nurse serves during weekdays.

Is there 24/7 security?

The Studio Santral Dormitory is surveilled by the security personnel and a closed circuit camera system.

What do you do when a student has a medical problem?

In case a student has a medical problem, the personnel in charge call the paramedic team or ambulance to send the student to a hospital.

Is there a parking lot?

There is a limited parking lot in front of our dormitory, but there is a parking service at the entrance of Istanbul Bilgi University and, near our dormitory.

Is there a fast Internet service?

You will have an Internet connection with wireless fiber in any place of Studio Santral. Please apply to the reception for detailed information on other Internet options.

Where can I receive a parcel sent to me?

You are responsible for the delivery of the parcels sent to you. The dormitory management is not responsible for parcels left by a courier in the reception or administrative office of the dormitory (in case of any loss or damage). 

Can I bring a pet with me?

Unfortunately, it is forbidden to have any pet in Studio Santral.

Is there a phone in the room?

Yes. You may receive calls from outside through the phone in your room, and you can call another student in other rooms within Studio Santral by dialing the room number. When your family call Studio Santral, they can access you dialing your room phone number without any delay

Will I pay the invoices for electricity, water, etc.?

No. The room price includes the electricity, water, heating and cooling expenses.


Is there a Central Heating System?

Our dormitory is heated with a central heating system.

Are there Water Tanks and Generators?

There is a water tank and generator to avoid any possible shortages.

Can I enter Studio Santral24/7? Will there be any check when I enter/exit Studio Santral?

There is no restriction on the hours to enter/exit Studio Santral. You will enter the building and rooms with the electronic cards provided to you when you enroll to the dormitory.

Is there any certain hours to enter/exit the dormitory?

The students of Studio Santral may enter/exit the dormitory at any time. However, please pay attention not to disturb others when entering/exiting the dormitory/room.

Is there any place in Studio Santral where I can do shopping?

Yes, there is a Standard Café in our common area.

Can I invite my non-dormitory student friends to the café?

Yes, you can. The cafés located at the entrances of Studio Santral are open for outside visitors.

Can I order food from outside the dormitory?

Yes, in case you order food, the reception will call your room to inform you when your order arrives.

Is it possible to post any banner, poster, announcement etc. or write anything thereon in the rooms, windows, corridors and other places within the dormitory?

It is forbidden to post any announcement or banner in any place within Studio Santral without the approval of the dormitory manager.

How far is the dormitory from Istanbul Bilgi University?

It takes only 1 minute on foot to go from Studio Santral to the Santral Istanbul Campus, Istanbul Bilgi University.

Is there any transportation to the city center?

You can use the buses and minibuses, which takes passengers just in front of Studio Santral, to go to the city town and, you can also the shuttle service from Studio Santral. 

Is there any health institution, bank etc. near the dormitory?

ATM’s of all the banks are located near the entrance of our dormitory. In addition, there are pharmacies, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants on the main road. It takes 4 minutes by car to go to the nearest hospital; Eyüp State Hospital.

When was the dormitory building constructed? Does it conform to the Earthquake Regulations?

The building of Studio Santral constructed in conformity with the Earthquake Regulations was put into service in September, 2014.

Is the dormitory affiliated with the Ministry of National Education?

Our dormitory is affiliated with and, under the audit and control of the Ministry of National Education.

Can I spend my summer holiday in the dormitory?

Yes, our dormitory is open for 365 days unless there is an extraordinary situation. Our enrollments are for two semesters: summer (July 1 – August 30) and winter (September 1 – June 30).

Could I enroll to the dormitory of Studio Santral for the next semesters if I have been previously dismissed?

The students who have been dismissed from the dormitories or who have acted in contrary to the dormitory rules may not be allowed to enroll again.

Could a student who has been temporarily suspended from the school continue staying in the dormitory?

Any student could continue staying in the dormitory unless they are discharged from the school.

What is the sanction for the failure to comply with the rules?

For the students who have failed to comply with the rules as set forth under the Dormitory Directive, the Dormitory Manager and the Dormitory Commission will apply the necessary warning and disciplinary procedures.


What should I do to book my room in Studio Santral?

All you have to do to book your room in Studio Santral is to send an e-mail to info@studiosantral.com!


The e-mail message you will send to us must contain the following information:


  1. a)Your name and surname,
  2. b)The department in which you study and, the type of the room you want to book,
  3. c)Scanned copy/photograph of your identity card,
  4. d)And finally, you are required to deposit an amount of TL 2000 to one of the following bank accounts as the booking fee/cancellation fee/down payment and, attach the receipt thereof to your e-mail.


You will have booked your room in Studio Santral once you have prepared the above-mentioned documents and, send them to us through e-mail.


The amount of TL 2000 as the booking fee is of the conditional cancellation fee or the down payment under the scope of the Studio Santral Student Agreement.


  1. This amount of TL 2000 as the booking fee will be returned by Studio Santral in case the student who has booked his/her room cancels the booking before September 1.


  1. In case the student has signed the Studio Santral Agreement and, made the respective payment, then the booking fee will be considered as the down payment as per the Studio Santral Student Agreement.


  1. The booking fee from a student who has not cancelled his/her booking and who has not enrolled before September 1 will be considered as the cancellation fee and, not be returned by Studio Santral.


Studio Santral Bank Accounts:

Recipient Name: Silahtarağa Gayrimenkul Yatırım A.Ş.

Recipient Address: Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi Lal Apartmanı No:23/5 Şişli, Istanbul


Denizbank Avrupa Bir Özel Bankacılık Merk Şb.

Account No.: 4680-7544524-351

IBAN No.: TR83 0013 4000 0075 4452 4000 01


Akbank  Gayrettepe Ticari Şb.

Account No.: 0040684

IBAN No.: TR61 0004 6007 8988 8000 0406 84


Account No.: 2427903

IBAN No.: TR89 0001 5001 5800 7302 4279 03

What are the payment options for the accommodation fee?

You may make your payments online or through bank transfer. Our payment options are as follows:

·           Bank Transfer or Credit Card as a single payment

·           There are also the options for 5 installments or 10 installments for the Credit Card payments.

·           You may also pay the fee directly to the Studio Santral Girls’ Dormitory.

What is the cancellation period or penal sanction in respect of the bookings?

The down payment will be returned in case a student, who has booked their room, cancels it before September 1. This amount will not be returned in case of a cancellation after September 1.

What are the necessary documents for the enrollment?

·           Photocopy of the identity card

·           Certificate of residence

·           A document issued by your school indicating that you are a student

·           Medical report (a document indicating that your health condition is suitable for living in a collective accommodation) (issued by Health Facilities ) 

·           Criminal record

·           2 passport photos

I am a handicapped student or a student with health problems. Do I need to submit a respective report to that end before the enrollment?

A handicapped student or a student with health problems needs to submit a health report to the dormitory management before the final enrollment, which indicates their handicap in case of a handicapped student or which indicates that there is no obstacle that may prevent them staying in the dormitory in case of a student with medical problems.

What is the procedure to return the amount of the booking I have cancelled?

The procedure to return depends on the method of payment you have made for the booking. For example, in case of a bank transfer, the money will be returned to your account within 10 days and, in case of a Credit Card payment, your bank’s procedure will apply.